HP Certification’s Program Overview: Authenticate Credentials to be Certified Professional

HPE (Hewlett Packard Enterprise) is a universal source of information technology products, software, and services to organizations, which are generally large originalities. The HPE is headquartered in Palo Alto, California, and it proposes more than 90 initial, professional, expert and master level certifications for individual’s candidates, working with, HPE cloud, big data, data center, IT management and many other products or either of them. It is considered that HPE is a business-focused association with two sub-divisions: Enterprise Group that works in servers, storage, networking, consulting and support and Financial Services.

HP Solution and Level’s Categories and Division

HP products are divided into the following categories and sub-categories; first and foremost, the HPE Servers is main product of HP and considered as the backbone, generally, it has been divided into various other sub-categories, such as; ProLiant, Synergy, Cloudline, and Edgeline, HPE Superdome, Apollo (High-Performance Computing), Simplivity (HyperConvergence). While, the next key product of Last but not the least, third most significant and prominent product of HP is HPE Storage, which has following 3 sub-categories; HPE 3PAR, Nimble Storage and HP XP. This will not be irrelevant to add that HPE Certification path comprises four certification skill levels, such as; Foundational: HPE Product Certified, Professional: HPE Accredited Technical Professional (ATP), Expert: HPE Accredited Solutions Expert (ASE) and Master: HPE Master ASE.

Recent Updated Exams

HP2-Z37 QuestionsMarch, 23 2018
HPE0-J75 QuestionsMarch, 23 2018
HPE2-Z40 QuestionsMarch, 22 2018
HPE2-K44 QuestionsMarch, 20 2018
HPE6-A07 QuestionsMarch, 18 2018
HPE2-T22 QuestionsMarch, 18 2018
HP0-P24 QuestionsMarch, 16 2018
HPE0-S51 QuestionsMarch, 16 2018
HPE2-K44 QuestionsMarch, 15 2018
HP2-Z34 QuestionsMarch, 15 2018
HPE0-J80 QuestionsMarch, 12 2018
HPE6-A45 QuestionsMarch, 12 2018
HPE6-A29 QuestionsMarch, 12 2018

HP Certifications

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Total exams: 5

Total exams: 25

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Total exam: 1

Which HP Certifications platforms are good to attempt? Significance and Remuneration

HPE Big Data certification portfolio is considered as the key to taking a start in IT industry, it includes credential that validates an applicant's aptitude to not only set up and manage big data elucidations but enterprise clarifications as well. The HPE's big data certifications are dedicated to ranges such as data protection and records management. The average HP salary ranges from around $27,387 per year for Server to $135,755 per year. While the Storage certification portfolio offers fairly rare certifications, all of which are focused on HPE storage solutions and integration.